Exodus’ Gary Holt Shares The ‘Family Nightmare’ Involving His Brother

Gary Holt, the renowned guitarist of Exodus, has recently opened up about a family crisis involving his brother on his official Instagram account. The incident, which he described as a ‘family nightmare,’ occurred while his brother Charles was on holiday in Rome, Italy.

Charles Holt was unfortunately involved in a traffic accident on the first day of his vacation this past Saturday. The incident involved a taxi, which struck Charles from behind, resulting in serious injuries that necessitated surgical intervention. The timing of the surgery, however, remains uncertain.

The past few days have been marked by significant turmoil and stress for the Holt family. In response to the situation, Gary Holt’s wife swiftly took action and embarked on a solo trip to Rome to assist Charles. Concurrently, the guitarist is staying back, dealing with the situation from home, focusing on making the necessary arrangements to ensure his brother’s well-being and secure his return home.

The musician expressed his gratitude towards his wife, commending her prompt response and support during these challenging times. Gary also acknowledged the help received from his Italian friends, who have been instrumental in providing translation assistance and other forms of aid.

Holt’s Instagram post read:

“My brother Charles on his first day of vacation in Rome, Italy, on Saturday, was struck from behind by a taxi and is awaiting surgery, when we still don’t know. The last days have been full of breakdowns and stress; luckily, my wife did not hesitate for a second. She flies solo today to Rome to help him while I coordinate from home to try to get him fixed and home.

Best wife ever. And the friends I have from Italy who’ve helped or answered my pleas for help translating, I will never forget the aid. Thank you. Healing vibes for my brother during this family nightmare. He likes to travel, life has not always been easy for Charles, but he is a survivor and saves for trips like these. I’m fighting to keep my head on straight.”

In his communication, Holt also highlighted his brother’s resilience and love for travel. Despite the hardships he has faced, Charles has always been a survivor who looks forward to saving up for trips like these. Holt is currently striving to maintain a level head amid the family crisis.

Photo Credit: Gary Holt- Instagram