Brent Smith Praises Shinedown Fans As The Band’s Boss

Before Shinedown kicks off their summer tour in the United States, Brent Smith had a chat with iHeartRadio, opening up about the band’s relationship with their fans. He described the audience as their only boss, saying:

“I think it keeps the four of us extremely humble towards each other to understand — again, like you said, we do look at them as the boss. We’ve often said Shinedown has one boss; it just happens to be everybody in the room and in the audience.”

The singer explained:

“So, I think that they understand — whether they’ve been there from the beginning or they’re just kind of finding out who we are; it’s very eight to 80 — anyone from anywhere is welcomed all the time. And that’s kind of an attitude that is rock and roll. Rock and roll is a spirit more than anything.”

The Band’s Approach To Music Is Important in Their Relationship With Fans

During the chat, Smith also mentioned that for Shinedown, making music is all about being true to themselves and their message:

“We try to really look at music and songwriting as — it really is about being real and being authentic. We talk about a lot of heavy subject matter in our songs. We’ve been a band for 20 years and we’ve been talking about mental health for the better part of 20 years.”

This approach has helped them connect with fans around the world, as he noted:

“That’s being brought out to the forefront more now, which I think is a good thing, for people to be able to talk about their feelings and not keep them inside, ‘cause that’s gonna allow you to grow as a person. So, that connection with the audiences — they know that we are not going to walk out there and phone anything in. They’re gonna get absolutely our one hundred percent and beyond.”

They Support Fans, While Fans Support Them

Shinedown’s latest single, ‘A Symptom Of Being Human’ recently reached number one at Active Rock, being a record for them as their 21st song to reach the top spot in the Mediabase chart.

The song highlighted an uplifting message for fans, touching on themes of human spirit and mental health. The overall album, ‘Planet Zero,’ carried out this approach through the rest of the tracks, as it also included a love letter to the band’s fans in the ‘Daylight’ music video.