Steven Tyler’s Daughter Mia Honors Her Father And Mother Cyrinda Foxe On Her Birthday

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s daughter Mia Tyler recently celebrated her birthday. She posted two different posts on her Instagram to honor her mother Cyrinda Foxe and father Steven Tyler for giving her the life she is living.

Steven married Cyrinda in 1978, and she gave birth to Mia in the same year. However, the couple divorced in 1987, and Mia’s mother died in 2002 from brain cancer. She had admitted that their relationship consisted of both love and hate, but she still wondered what kind of grandmother she would be for her children if she were still alive.

She shared a video of her mother sent by an Aerosmith fan in May and stated that hearing her voice helps heal the traumas she left in her mind. Even though they had a problematic relationship, she still loves her and wished that she was still there. In her recent birthday post, she thanked Cyrinda for giving birth to her and shared her sorrow because it’s the 19th birthday she has missed.

Mia also thanked her father, who she also credited for helping her become who she is. After Steven and Cyrinda’s divorce, Mia started to live with her father, and the duo seemed to have a good and healthy relationship. He is currently grandfathering all of his grandchildren, including the children of the Hollywood actress Liv Tyler. While celebrating her birthday, Mia shared a video of Steven with her son and pointed out how his love for his grandchild is ‘melting her heart.’ She thanked him for participating in her birth and stated that she loves him.

Here is Mia’s message to her late mother:

“I always think about my mama on my bday the most. She did all the work, and if it wasn’t for her beautiful body, I would never be here. So today I honor her. 19 birthdays without her. But I have so much love in my life now, and that’s all that matters. The love we knew, the love we have, and the love that’s yet to come. Thank you for all the extra birthday love. And special shoutouts to my dad. Thank you for your magic.”

Here is her message to her father:

“Wouldn’t be a proper birthday without giving thanks to the man who helped make me. This video of my Dad & Ax from 4 years ago is melting my heart. Thank you for life! Thank you for making me so I could make Ax. Thank you for all you’ve given us. I love you!”

It’s always interesting to witness the relationship between famous family members. Mia built up a career around acting, modeling, and writing and built up a fan base on her own. In the comments section, her fans wished her a happy birthday and many stated their admiration for her mother and father.

You can see the photos of her and her mother below.

Photo Credit: Mia Tyler – Instagram