Steve Lukather On Eric Clapton And Jimmy Page’s Techniques: ‘It’s Not Magic Anymore’

In his interview with, Toto guitarist and vocalist, Steve Lukather criticized the next generation musicians about their approach to producing songs. He remembered the times while he was trying to understand the personal techniques of the legendary musicians, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.

Since the release of Toto’s latest fourteenth studio album entitled ‘Old Is New’ on November 6, 2018, their fans reflected their enthusiasm about hearing recent updates about the upcoming album and songs of the band. However, its guitarist and vocalist, Steve Lukather surprised the fans by releasing his eighth solo studio album, ‘I Found the Sun Again’ on February 26, 2021.

In one of his previous interviews, Lukather talked about the creation and recording process of his latest solo studio album. He stated that being inspired by the classics of 1971, he brought their attitudes to his contemporary works. In his recent work, he wished to make music like the old times and share it with today’s rock music fans playing with legendary musicians such as Greg Bissonette, John Pierce, and Ringo Starr.

During his latest interview with, Lukather criticized the new musicians who only focused on learning techniques, speeds, and scales of their musical muses. He also added that even though this wasn’t wrong, back in his time, it was harder to become an exceptional musician. Recalling how he learned Eric Clapton’s and Jimmy Page’s playing, Steve said that he had to listen to them and slow down the records many times to understand their tricks and secrets.

Here’s what he said:

“I see a lot of people spending a lot of time perfecting their linear technique, speed, and scales and emulating their heroes. We all did that when we were kids before noting the impact of the internet. It’s a lot easier now that you can see the guy on YouTube!

We had to work harder, to try and slow down the record and figure out what Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page were doing. There’s nothing wrong with learning the technique, fuck, I’m astounded by the dexterity. However, it’s become like a magic trick, but when everyone knows how to do it, it’s not magic anymore. It’s amazing, flawlessly executed – but where are the tunes?

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