Slipknot’s Shawn Crahan Says ‘Very Hard To Explain Who I Am’ In A Letter He Wrote To Fans

Slipknot drummer Shawn Crahan shared a post on his official Instagram account revealing his feelings about art and self through a letter he wrote to his fans, apparently, Crahan is going through a self-recognition phase and asked his fans to DM him about their take on his message and their art.

As many of you know, Shawn Crahan has a different approach when it comes to social media, especially his official Instagram page on which he has more than 600k followers. Crahan often shares his stage moments as ‘Clown’ with Slipknot and the fans during performances.

Shawn Crahan often shares simple captions including only a few words and prevents his fans from commenting under his posts, however, it looks like he has recently changed his opinions about his Instagram account since Crahan lately allows his fans to comment in addition to long explanations under his posts.

Recently, Crahan shared another picture on stage on his official Instagram page with a long message in the caption section, stating that despite he’s having a hard time explaining who he is, he asked his fans to show their art and reality through direct messages via Instagram.

Here is what Crahan said:

Very hard to explain who I am or why I do what I do, but I assure you that I’m here to destroy what they tried to teach you. Show me how you mean to show how it is in your moment? Understand what I’m saying? Risk what they threat. Taking in one’s art is priceless for the day you exit this reality. And by the way, it’s all of ours realities. DM me you. Don’t know. I’m here to chat. Make it worth our while to change ourselves or ourselves. Understand? Most likely not. Let’s all find our bearing. Love the dream. Not really meant to be understood. Show me you, so I know your art.”

You can click here to see the Instagram post.