Slash Thinks Bob Dylan Started Unapproachable Rock Star Image

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash recently spoke to GQ and stated that Bob Dylan created a rock star image that keeps his distance from the others.

It is publicly known that Bob Dylan doesn’t prefer interacting much with his fans or the audience on stage. The musician rarely speaks to the crowd that comes to listen to him. He also doesn’t want the audience to take photos during the concerts. Moreover, audiences are informed before Dylan’s shows that taking photographs is forbidden. His strict policy on this issue has been going on for years.

He also doesn’t give interviews too often, especially these days. Dylan doesn’t prefer appearing on talk shows or speaking in public much. During his recent interview, Slash recalled when he recorded a guitar solo for Dylan in a song called ‘Wiggle Wiggle.’ He played the part, but Dylan didn’t include his solo in the rough mix as it sounded ‘too much like Guns N’ Roses.’

Then, the interviewer said to Slash that at least Dylan spoke to him since it is something that he rarely does. Slash replied that Bob Dylan started an unapproachable rock star image that doesn’t favor meeting people. He thinks that this kind of cold attitude is related to being insecure in front of others. For him, Bob Dylan started this image and ‘made it look cool.’

Slash speaking on the rock star image that Bob Dylan started:

“I’ve noticed that a lot of musicians, mostly due to being insecure, are very aloof when it comes to meeting people. They can be impolite or try to maintain mystique and not talk. Bob Dylan must have started that whole thing and made it look cool.”

Slash just finished his tour with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators in support of their latest album, ‘4,’ released on February 11, 2022. The tour ended on March 26, 2022, with their Orlando show. He will also be hitting the road with Gun N’ Roses in November 2022 for the band’s Australian tour.