Slash Addresses The Led Zeppelin Reference In His New Album

Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash talked about his upcoming album ‘4’ and revealed whether the album’s name involved a Led Zeppelin reference or not by explaining the meaning of the album’s title during his recent interview with Rock Antenne.

As you probably know, Slash and Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators have collaborated for four studio albums so far and three of them were released. On September 21, 2018, they released their latest and third studio album ‘Living the Dream.’ After the release, their fans appreciated their recent work and looked forward to listening to new materials from the band as soon as possible.

Recently, Slash revealed that their fourth studio album entitled ‘4’ will be released on February 11, 2022, along with sharing its first track ‘The River Is Rising.’ The song became a huge hit and it was viewed by thousands of people in a few days. After fans found out about the album’s name, many of them assumed that ‘4’ is a reference to Led Zeppelin’s fourth studio album.

However, in a recent interview he joined, Slash highlighted that Led Zeppelin’s fourth studio album is actually an untitled record commonly known as ‘Led Zeppelin IV.’ The iconic guitarist then unveiled the main reasons why he chose ‘4’ as the title of his album saying that it is their fourth album. He also added that he considers the album as a milestone, and it was impossible to find one word to describe their album.

In the interview, Slash responded to the possible Led Zeppelin reference in the new album’s title:

“No. Actually, Led Zeppelin’s 1971 untitled fourth record was not called ‘4.‘ I just called it ‘4’ because it’s our fourth record, which I think is an important milestone, and also because I didn’t want to give it a nice, cool, clever title that relates to something in particular.

Because so much shit happened in 2020 that there’s no one sentence or one word that defines all of it. So rather than ever try, I just said, ‘Let’s just call it ‘4’ because it’s more about this record being something that we’ve accomplished at this point, and it’s not really about all that.'”

You can check out the interview and the upcoming album’s first single ‘The River Is Rising’ below.