Skid Row Perform First Show With Lzzy Hale, Fans React!

Skid Row recently shared a video from Lzzy Hale’s first performance as the band’s vocalist on Instagram. The show took place at Walker’s Bluff Casino Resort in Carterville, Illinois, on May 17.

Hale joined Skid Row for four shows after frontman Erik Grönwall (the fourth since Sebastian Bach) left to focus on his health. Fans shared generally positive reviews about her first date with the band in the comments section of the post.

Fans Expect More

Someone wrote:

“Sebastian who??”

Another comment read:

“Holy f*ck! Lzzy, you are f*cking killing it! I may have to book a flight to see this and sing at the top of my lungs from the audience!”

Lzzy Hale and Skid Row will next perform at Riverside Casino & Golf Resort in Iowa on May 18 and at Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada, on May 31. The set of dates will conclude at Hard Rock Live Sacramento in Wheatland, California, on June 1. But fans are now asking for more:

“Full tour with Lzzy, please. She fits perfect.”

Hale Was The Right Choice

Rachel Bolan talked about Lzzy Hale’s addition to Skid Row in a chat with Fox 26‘s Ruben Dominguez and Margot Hogan earlier this week. He said the singer was the right choice to replace Grönwall because she was good, ‘her own person,’ and meant a lot to people:

“And I’ve gotta be completely honest. I knew this was gonna get attention, but I didn’t know people were gonna be snapping out. And it’s making me, like, ‘Wow, my mind is completely blown.’ It’s a matter of a friend coming in to help friends. And even though we came out before and may have influenced her with stuff, she’s helping us a lot, a lot in a situation we’re in, and it is becoming something bigger than both of us. And I’m using her words.”

The bassist continued:

“She’s, like, this has become really bigger than the both of us. And so, everyone is really excited — her team is excited, Skid Row team is excited. The fans are just losing their minds. And I can’t wait. I just wanna get into rehearsal, man. I just cannot wait to hear her sing these songs. And I think what we’re gonna put forth together is something really, really special that people are gonna dig.”

There May Be More Performances With The New Vocalist

Hale herself previously told Terrie Carr of 105.5 WDHA that playing with Skid Row was ‘so much deeper for me than just helping out some friends.’ She explained that the band’s music affected her transition to heavier music in the 90s.

The Halestorm vocalist also commented on possibly doing more shows with them by saying:

“You never know. I will say something that most likely will happen is that these will not be the only four dates you ever hear. I will say that. As far as me being the permanent member of Skid Row, we’re gonna all have to find a plateau [laughs] in our schedules to do that. But you never know. Sounds like a pretty good gig for me, if I ever get to that point.”

She added:

“But, yeah, I’m just so grateful for the guys. And then think about it coming full circle. And it all comes from the right place. I mean, Erik, what an amazing voice and what a perfect fit for them and brought them into a whole new game changer. There’s everything going on with his health, and how wonderful is it that amicably both parties can be, like, ‘Hey, we’re looking out for each other.’ […] I’m helping out my buddies. Everybody’s doing it for the right reasons. And so it’s a beautiful thing.”

You can watch Skid Row’s first show with Lzzy Hale in the video below.