Simon Wright On Leaving AC/DC To Join Ronnie James Dio’s Band

During a recent appearance on Heavy Magazine, former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright opened up about his tough decision to depart from AC/DC to join Dio.

Simon Wright replaced Phil Rudd and became AC/DC’s new drummer in 1983 after being immediately contacted following a successful audition. After appearing in the band’s three albums during the ’80s, the drummer eventually parted ways with AC/DC in 1989 because he decided to join Ronnie James Dio’s band, Dio. Wright’s first record with the band was their fifth studio album, ‘Lock Up the Wolves.’

However, the drummer soon left the band but returned in 1998. In his second stint, he stayed in the band until 2010 and performed in Dio’s last three albums before disbandment. After spending some successful years with AC/DC, it was indeed a difficult decision for Wright to start a career with a new band. When asked about it in a recent interview, the musician said it was tough, but he thought a lot about it before making his final decision.

Then, Simon Wright explained that he felt like he needed to move on at that point. He just needed a new direction in his musical journey. Even though he enjoyed his time in AC/DC, he wanted to gain new experiences by playing more. Thus, it is clear that Wright didn’t have anything against AC/DC at that moment. He expressed his gratitude for crossing paths with Ronnie James Dio and getting a chance to try new things out with the late singer’s band.

Simon Wright speaking about whether his decision to leave AC/DC was tough:

“It kind of was, but it was a decision I really thought strongly about because I needed just to move on musically. It sounds crazy, but when you play stuff, you want to do a little bit more. It is not against AC/DC. I said this a thousand times. I just really needed to move on and play more and sign new things to play, and stuff like that. I was in the band for like seven and a half years, so it just came to that point. I just really needed to move on, and luckily enough, I found Ronnie. That was cool.”

You can listen to the rest of the conversation below.