Sex Pistols’ John Lydon Refuses To Pity For Steve Jones And Paul Cook

Former Sex Pistols vocalist John Lydon revealed his thoughts on his former bandmates, particularly after a legal dispute concerning the Pistol mini-series about the band. John expressed his apathy toward Steve Jones and Paul Cook:

“I don’t give a damn what they think anymore after allowing their mockumentary to be released. It is like, ‘Shame on you.’ They are lucky I have been so kind-hearted. I don’t feel any pity for them, rage or hatred. I don’t feel anything for them.”

Lydon also firmly stated his stance on the possibility of a reunion:

“There is no door (for a reunion). It is a brick wall and it ain’t coming down any time soon.”

Other Pistols were often asked about a reunion in the past. Paul Cook was equally resolute about the matter in a 2022 interview, saying:

“There’s absolutely no chance of that happening.”

The drummer elaborated on his reasons for not considering a reunion, echoing Lydon’s sentiments about the Pistol court case:

“I wouldn’t want to do it anyway, especially after the Pistol court case last year, which was a shitshow. Being in the High Court was the last place I wanted to be, with guys in wigs grilling you. It was a horrible experience.”

He also mentioned how he would prefer resolve things, and revealed his thoughts about still being Sex Pistols at this time and age:

“I would have preferred to have worked it out down the pub with a couple of pints. I think we’re too old to be singing ‘Anarchy In The UK’ at our age anyway. It wouldn’t feel right!”

In a separate interview, also in 2022, Steve Jones revealed he’s still considering the reunion possibility, even though as a last resort:

“You never know, man. And we all have our hair, too! If I was absolutely broke, I’d probably consider it… It’s not like I’m closing the door. You never know.”

You can read the rest of Lydon’s interview here.