Sebastian Bach Doesn’t Want To Argue Over Vaccines And Rock N’ Roll

Sebastian Bach has posted some tweets on his Twitter, showing his attitude towards the debate on the efficiency of the coronavirus vaccinations and saying it is useless to argue over such things and rock n’ roll.

Most of the governments take measurements against the coronavirus pandemic that includes being vaccinated to take part in outdoor activities such as going to concerts, so it is a must if one wants to see their favourite band on the stage as most of the bands require fans to be vaccinated.

Yet it is known that the number of anti-vaxxers is on the rise and millions of people don’t want to get vaccinated mostly due to some conspiracy theories. As seen through some of his tweets, Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach has also joined the ongoing battle between anti-vaxxers and supporters of vaccination.

In his tweets, Sebastian Bach claimed that he will delete and block any misinformative comments in regards to vaccines and rock and roll. He then stated that he will not waste his time arguing for science or the apparent truths. In another tweet, he confirmed a fan’s statement saying not getting vaccinated ‘means moron.’

Bach also responded to another fan’s claim saying that getting a vaccine does not prevent one from catching or spreading coronavirus, stating that if one is an anti-vaccine person, they are also an anti-rock and roll person. 

Sebastian Bach’s tweet read:

“Any misinformation regarding vaccines and rock and roll will be deleted and blocked, don’t waste your time. I got shows to do, don’t have time to waste arguing for science or math or the that the sky is blue.”

He then answered his fans, saying:

“Yes, I think not getting vaccinated means moron.

At this point, if you are an anti-vaccine person you are an anti-rock and roll person. Quit being part of the problem try being part of the solution.”

Below are the tweets posted by Sebastian Bach.