Sebastian Bach Confesses That He’s Having Issues With Every Single Musician He Plays With

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach posted a bunch of new tweets on his official Twitter account today and shared his feelings on musicians who want him to change the key which was recorded when they are jamming on stage and admitted that any other key than the original sounds wrong.

Sebastian Bach released his fifth solo album named ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ back in 2014, and the album features twelve different tracks including the acoustic version of ‘Rock N Roll Is a Vicious Game’ which takes part in the Japanese Edition.

While complaining about the musicians who want him to lower the key, former Skid Row frontman also posted a couple of tweets to ‘National Rifle Association’ which is America’s Longest-Standing Civil Rights Organization.

Bach slammed the organization after their latest statements about which asks the government not to tread the gun rights.  He said, ‘F*ck guns, and f*ck you! Oh my God! You are so boring and outdated!’ and after that, he mocked the users who criticized him for being interested in politics.

Here is what Sebastian wrote about the musicians he worked with:

“Why do I have to fight every single musician I play with to play a song in the original key in which it’s recorded?

Every time I jam with someone they want to make the song into a lower key and don’t understand why I don’t want to?”

You can check out the tweets right below.