Sammy Hagar Says His Latest Album Is Autobiographical


Sammy Hagar recently shared a video on his official Twitter account saying that his upcoming album with the Circle is about what he and the rest of the world have gone through for the last three years.

After enjoying commercial success with his solo career and Van Halen for years, Sammy Hagar is currently occupied with his musical projects with Chickenfoot and Sammy Hagar and the Circle. Even though Chickenfoot delivered their last performance together in 2018 at a benefit concert, the band members expressed their interest in reuniting for more live shows and new music soon.

The Circle released its debut album, ‘Space Between,’ on May 10, 2019. As the follow-up album, ‘Lockdown 2020,’ arrived in 2021, the band is now excited about their third upcoming album, ‘Crazy Times,’ which is scheduled to arrive on September 30. The record will feature nine original songs and a cover of Elvis Costello’s 1978 classic ‘Pump It Up.’

In a recent video, Sammy Hagar discussed the themes explored in this album. The rocker explained that it is an autobiographical account of what he and others have experienced for the last three years, starting with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The singer also said it is the first time he’s witnessed such an experience shared by everyone worldwide.

So, it seems like the album is based on these shared experiences and feelings that have been unsettling for everyone. Furthermore, remembering that Eddie Van Halen passed away in October 2020, there’s a strong chance that this tragic incident also influenced Sammy’s songwriting.

Sammy Hagar’s words on his new album:

“I get asked already, ‘What does ‘Crazy Times’ mean?’ If you don’t know about these crazy times, you have not been alive for the last three years. It is basically autobiographical of what we have all experienced. Not just my own experience, all of us. For once on this planet, everyone seemed to have gone through the same thing.

Maybe it is not the first time, but in my lifetime, it is the first time that we all went through something together. We all had to share in it, eat it, suck it up and make it through to the other side. That’s what this album is about, crazy times.”

You can watch the video below.