Sammy Hagar Says Getting Fired From Van Halen Really Hurt But It Became The Greatest Thing That Happened To Him

In his recent interview with Paulo Baron and Regis Tadeu, Sammy Hagar remembered the time when he was fired from Van Halen and he highlighted that his unwilling departure from the band was a miracle for him even though he was devastated in the beginning.

It has been known that Sammy Hagar was recruited by Eddie Van Halen as the new frontman of Van Halen after David Lee Roth had left the band because of personal conflicts between him and the other members in 1985. Hagar was the unique voice behind Van Halen’s platinum albums which were ‘5150,’ ‘OU812,’ ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge,’ and ‘Balance.’

After a decade of being the band’s frontman,Sammy Hagar was fired from the band. Considering the reason behind him being fired from Van Halen, it was suggested that Sammy once rejected Eddie’s request which caused a dispute among them. Eddie Van Halen wanted him to go back to the studio but Hagar couldn’t come because his wife was pregnant and was unable to travel by plane. Thus, the band decided to continue with the former frontman Roth. Eddie, on the other hand, suggested that Sammy was the one who wanted to leave the band.

During a recent interview, Sammy Hagaronce again stated that he was fired from Van Halen although Eddie previously stated that he didn’t want him to leave. Apparently, Sammy was very sad at the time and he thought that his professional musical career was ruined. However, Hagar later realized that this was the greatest thing that happened to him since he had more time to focus on his other hobbies and solo musical career.

Hagar remembered these times saying:

“I don’t think anything happened to me that at the time I thought ‘This is really fucked up,’ like getting kicked out of Van Halen. I got thrown out of that band, there is no question about it. I got thrown out of the band, I did not quit. I was thinking about quitting because we weren’t getting along but I wasn’t gonna quit Van Halen for God’s sake. So, when they threw me out of the band I was thinking ‘This is terrible. Oh God, what did you do to me? What did I ever do? This is the worst thing that can happen in my life.’ It sure wasn’t. It was beautiful what happened to me since then.

My life from that day on, well from about six months later, it took about six months to finally make a record and get the Wabo, and I became the happiest guy in the world and spend more time with my passion in Mexico with the Cabo Wabo Cantina and making tequila. It was like an angel said ‘No, you’ve got to get thrown out, don’t listen to your insecurities, don’t listen to your ego saying this is gonna ruing my life.’ I don’t know I can’t explain. It really hurt and even that I look back now going it was the greatest thing that happened. My angels made that happened. They went and tapped Eddie on his shoulder and said ‘get rid of him, he is an asshole. Throw him out of the band.’”

You can check out the interview below.