Sammy Hagar Recalls Getting A Tattoo With Eddie And Alex Van Halen

Tattoos say a lot about someone’s personality. For some, they are a way of making a statement to the world, while others just get inked for fun. For 14-year-old Sammy Hagar, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision with a funny story behind it. The singer recently shared the story involving the Van Halen brothers and uploaded the video on his Youtube channel.

At the Pike, Long Beach, California, young Sammy decided to spend the highest amount of money he had ever spent on anything, which was five bucks, to get a tattoo. Although he was underage, the tattoo artist agreed to do it anyway. Hagar looked around the room and saw the roadrunner, and that was it. He said, “I named him Bogus Otis. He was not named Bogus Otis. I don’t know what he was named.”

After many years, when he was a member of Van Halen, they were on the road in Europe, and it was about time the Red Rocker gave his old friend a new look. Hagar shared, “About 1995, Van Halen went to Amsterdam; we were on tour in Europe, and I got a facelift for him because he was so faded out he was gone.”

He went into a tattoo shop with Alex and Eddie, which is where the video of him biting his fingers due to the pain came about. The singer recalled, “It hurt like a motherf*cker, okay. It really hurt because the guy had to go so slow, and I was dying. Okay, this wasn’t a gimmick, this was a real video, and in the video, we [got tattoos].”

The tattoo that became a part of his body when his 14-year-old self liked the look of a roadrunner turned into a pleasant memory with the Van Halen brothers. The story of it didn’t end there as it also became the mascot of the Red Rocker Brewing Company. So every tattoo does and should have a story behind it, no matter how silly or serious it is!