Sammy Hagar On Sting, ‘We’re The Odd Couple’

Former Van Halen lead singer Sammy Hagar posted special moments from his ongoing Sammy Hagar and Friends event. After a fan stated that he was surprised to see Sting and him together, he talked about their friendship. Hagar also named the song that he wanted to perform with Sting.

As you might know, the Sammy Hagar and Friends event started on October 29, 2021, in Las Vegas and will end on November 13, 2021. During his concerts, Hagar performed with legendary musicians, such as Van Halen’s Michael Anthony and Bob Weir. The tickets have already sold out, and some fans got sad about missing the event.

In addition, before his performances, Hagar joined Sting at his soundcheck for his concert, and he shared their photo on his Instagram account. A fan reflected his ideas about their friendship, saying that their musical styles and talents are very different from each other. Hagar stated that he agreed with him by describing their friendship as ‘an odd couple.’

Sammy Hagar also said that he loves Sting and his works while emphasizing that they have many things in common with Sting. Then, another follower asked which song he would want to sing live with Sting, to which the Red Rocker responded with ‘Roxanne,’ which is The Police’s hit song, featured in their debut studio album entitled ‘Outlandos d’Amour.’

Hagar’s IG post read as follow:

“Vegas, on stage & off, it’s been Sammy Hagar & Friends — and it’s been a blast. See you this weekend as we close out the first sold-out run of my residency.

Here are some of my favorite moments (so far):
1. With my buddy & fellow Sting at his soundcheck at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.
2. Jammin’ on stage with my main Libra buddy Bobby Weir at The Strat.
3. At Sting’s soundcheck with the bombastic Libra Shaggy. See a sign here? In the Colosseum at Caesars.
4. Backstage with Stephen Pearcy and Mikey after the 1st show.
5. Sammy Hagar & Friends in The Strat or are we in Cabo still?
6. On stage with my brother Mikey.
7. Redheads, you have my heart.”

A fan’s comment read:

“Man it’s cool to see you and Sting together as I have been a huge fan of you both forever but your musical sensibilities and talents are so different in my mind.”

Hagar responded:

“He and I talk about it. We’re the odd couple. He’s a great guy. It seems we have more in common outside music but I love his music, he is an awesome artist.”

Here’s what another follower asked:

“What song would you choose to perform with Sting.”

Hagar replied:


You can check out the gallery and the song below.

Photo credit: Sammy Hagar – Instagram