Joe Perry Is The Bridge Between Keith Richards And Slash, According To Marc Labelle

Dirty Honey lead singer Marc LaBelle chose his rock god as Joe Perry in a recent appearance on BBC Radio 2’s The Rock Show with Johnnie Walker. The singer also described Perry as a bridge between Keith Richards and Slash.

Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry is regarded as an old-school rock and roll guitarist who was highly influenced by his youth’s most famous British bands, like the Yardbirds, the Who, and Fleetwood Mac. He has a no-rule approach to guitar playing, which allows him to play in a free and improvisational style. He also uses different guitars and amps to create new combinations each time playing.

Besides rock and roll’s impact on his playing, his country influences are also visible in his signature guitar riffs. His energetic style and great solos have been a massive part of Aerosmith’s incredible success on the rock scene for years. As a guitarist who has been playing for over 50 years, Joe Perry is an excellent source of inspiration for a new generation of guitar players.

In a recent appearance, Marc LaBelle picked Joe Perry as his rock god and explained why. The singer revealed that Steven Tyler and Perry increased his motivation to be a musician when he first met them in New York. He was heavily impressed by their lifestyle and massive fame as rock stars. Thus, he realized he also wanted to spend the rest of his life similarly. LaBelle thinks that Joe Perry is the bridge between Keith Richards and Slash with his guitar playing, drawing influences from both eras.

Marc LaBelle’s thoughts on Joe Perry:

“It was before my first ever concert in Saratoga Springs, New York, that I met Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. They were coming out of a local radio station before the show. A huge group of people was looking to meet them and get their autographs. They were already in stage clothes and jumped into a limo to go to the gig. I was like, ‘Man, that looks like an exciting way to spend your life.’ That initial meeting was the catalyst for my wanting to be a musician in the first place.

I think Joe Perry is the bridge between the early rock guitarists like Keith Richards and Jimmy Page to somebody like Slash. Joe is in that sweet spot of cool early ’70s fashion, and I appreciate that early ’70s music. Also, I think a big part of being a rock god is having longevity. There are only a few guitarists that have had careers that have been as relevant as Joe Perry’s for so long.”

You can listen to the radio broadcast below.