Sammy Hagar Confirms He And Rick Springfield Are Trying To Tour Together

Former Van Halen and current The Circle frontman Sammy Hagar and former member of Zoot Rick Springfield opened up about a possible tour together during an interview with Forbes, and the business partners hinted at a future tour together in order to promote their ‘Beach Bar Rum.’ 

As many of you might know, Sammy Hagar and Rick Springfield collaborated on a rum brand named ‘Rick & Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum.‘ In addition to being business partners, the two legendary singers have a long history of friendship crowned with a track named ‘I’ve Done Everything For You’ which was released in August 1982. The duo collaborated once again for the theme song for their rum brand and it’s called ‘Part at the Beach Bar.’

Here is what Springfield said about the collaboration:

Sammy has had such amazing success in the spirit business and I’ve wanted to get into it for a while now. When this opportunity came along I thought it was a brilliant idea. And I am an Earnest Hemingway fan so of course, I drink rum. I’ve tried a bunch of them and the Beach Bar brand is a cut above all the ones I tried — smoother and sweeter.”

Here is what Hagar said:

“Rick and I go way back— he had a hit with a song I wrote and we’ve been friends ever since. Now we’re ready for our next hit with Beach Bar Rum!”

During a recent interview, Sammy Hagar and Rick Springfield opened up about their ‘Beach Bar Rum’ business and as expected, the two legendary musicians are planning on going on a tour in order to organize special party events and promote their brand new ‘Beach Bar Rum.’

Here is what Hagar said:

“Rick wrote a song and conned me into singing on it a little bit. And it’s badass, ‘Party At The Beach Bar.’ It is so badass, I can see it being the theme of a tour for me or him or both of us. What we really want to do — our managers are good friends, we’re good friends, our fans are friends, we have everything in common — I think we’re trying to tour together. We’d love to go to Australia, tour America, at least throw some special party events in Vegas, Catalina, we got this Catalina project going. And Rick is my partner.”

Here is what Springfield said:

We can play and celebrate and do a real promotion of a great rum. But it’s an organic thing. It’s not like, ‘Sponsored by.’ It’s something we’re involved in that we believe in.”

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