Rush Singer Geddy Lee’s Biggest Disappointment


Keyboardist Keith Emerson, vocalist/bassist Greg Lake, and drummer and percussionist Carl Palmer formed the famous English progressive rock supergroup Emerson, Lake & Palmer in 1970. The band quickly gained international fame and commercial success, thanks to their unique works and performances. ELP became a milestone band for progressive rock with their significant contributions.

Their use of classical music with jazz and symphonic rock elements and Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer, and piano drew significant attention from rock music lovers and colleagues. The band dropped their self-titled debut studio album on November 20, 1970, and the success and popularity were followed by their subsequent albums, building a great fanbase. However, the good old days ended for one of their biggest fans, Rush icon Geddy Lee.

The ELP Album That Turned Into A Failure For Geddy Lee


Following their 1977–78 tour, which began after their hiatus, Emerson, Lake & Palmer members wanted to plan their next project and move on from the band because of their personal and creative differences. However, the members knew they were obliged to create one more album according to their deal, and for obvious reasons, it’s impossible to describe it as harmonious teamwork.

The band released their seventh album ‘Love Beach’ on November 18, 1978, although Lake and Palmer left the studio, and Emerson had to finish it on his own. Along with the album and its title, the cover photo included people at a beach on an island from Salt Cay; Turks Islands didn’t get any approval from Emerson, Lake & Palmer members. Still, the Atlantic Records authorities didn’t listen to them.

Considering the problems, disagreements, and other situations during its creation and recording process, it wasn’t easy to finish the work. So it was doomed to fail, and the album neither received positive reviews from fans and music critics nor hit the charts worldwide. The band’s dedicated fans, inspired by their previous works while starting their careers as professional musicians, criticized it.

Moreover, during one of his interviews with Louder Sound, Geddy Lee reflected on his opinions about the infamous record, saying that he was always a huge Emerson, Lake & Palmer fan, but ‘Love Beach’ was a complete disappointment for the singer. It can be said that ELP members probably could have agreed with the Rush icon back then because none of them wanted the release. Then, they disbanded the supergroup for the first time in 1979.

Here’s what Lee said:

“Emerson, Lake & Palmer had a famously disappointing album, ‘Love Beach.’ I was a huge ELP fan, but that one furrowed my brow.”

You can check out the album below.