Rudy Sarzo Makes An Offer To Amend Billy Corgan’s Old Regret

Rudy Sarzo has come up with an offer for Billy Corgan on X months after Corgan mentioned on social media that he regretted missing an Ozzy Osbourne show in the ’80s. Replying to a post resharing a Rock Celebrities article on the matter, he wrote:

“I’m a huge fan of Billy Corgan, and perhaps someday I can tell him all about it over a cup of coffee, my treat.”

When Corgan commented on the Blizzard Of Ozz Live In Chicago through an Instagram post in May 2023, he attached a photo of Randy Rhoads taken by Paul Natkin. The same performance and the rest of the tour dates in 1982 included Rudy Sarzo in the lineup.

The two musicians started to work together again in the Ozzy Osbourne band and also joined the Blizzard Of Ozz Tour after taking part in Quiet Riot’s lineup in the late ’70s. So, while talking about how it was to see Rhoads play guitar during these tours in a chat with Rolling Stone, Sarzo explained:

“I recall having a conversation with him when I joined the Blizzard of Ozz about how the whole thing came about. When he played with the Blizzard of Ozz band, I couldn’t believe it was the same guy. It was so non-Quiet Riot. To me, that’s how you create something brand new. You don’t bring your past into your future. You create a vision of what you want your future to be like, and you move that forward.”

Rhoads passed away in a plane crash while Osbourne’s band was heading to the 1982 tour’s next stop after the show at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum. Following the guitarist’s death, Sarzo rejoined Quiet Riot and took part in the ‘Metal Health’ album.