Ronnie Radke Publicly Loses Control, Threatens Fan With Coma

Ronnie Radke continues to address haters, but this time with threats.

The Falling In Reverse frontman is known to have online feuds with both other rockers and his haters. Recently on X, Radke threatened a user by sharing his pictures and claiming to be able to ‘put his ass in a coma.’

In his words, the user he shared the pictures of was his favorite hater because he gets to show his fans what his haters ‘look like’:

“One of my favorite little haters I love when he tweets at me. Cause it gives me a chance to show you all he looks like he’s in between morphing into a sleepwalker from that Stephen King movie but like right now in real life.”

Radke continued his tweet by claiming the user was sending him inappropriate images on his private chat with the singer:

“By the way this fool asked to square up with me like I wouldn’t put his ass in a coma with shoulders the size of a 12 year old boy, he’s DMing inappropriate images too.”

What Caused The Comments?

Radke took to the platform to address the hate when the user replied to one of Radke’s now deleted tweet. The user mentioned the singer’s blackout forehead tattoo and said it was for him to hide his ‘atrocious hairline’:

“You might as well tattoo your head black too so people don’t notice that atrocious hairline.”

Many commenters wrote under Radke’s post that the user looked like ‘a pedo.’

See the post below.