Ronnie Radke: “I’d Hire A Hitman To Kill My Wife To As I Lay Dying’s Songs”

Ronnie Radke has been open to sharing his thoughts on other bands, this time being As I Lay Dying. The Falling In Reverse frontman was asked on X about his thoughts on the band. Referring to the As I Lay Dying frontman’s arrest for hiring a hitman to kill his wife, replied:

“They got songs I would hire a hitman to kill my wife to.”

Tim Lambesis’ Arrest

In February 2014, Lambesis entered a guilty plea for the charge of hiring a hitman to murder his wife. This came after he had confided in two individuals at a Southern California gym the year before, expressing his desire to ‘get rid of her.’

At the time, Lambesis’ marriage to Meggan was already undergoing a divorce process initiated by Meggan in 2012, citing ‘irreconcilable differences.’ The couple shared three children, all of whom were adopted from Ethiopia.

The supposed hitman turned out to be an undercover police officer. Despite pleading not guilty, Lambesis was out on a $2 million bond, having paid $160,000 to a bail bondsman. The frontman received house arrest serving two and a half years in prison.

Radke Thinks No One ‘Gives A F*ck’ About Lambesis’ Case

Radke has faced significant criticism for his behavior in recent years. However, judging by a comment he made about Tim Lambesis, the frontman of As I Lay Dying, it seems that Radke may not believe all the negativity directed at him is entirely justified. In an earlier tweet he posted, he referred to his own incident of throwing a mic stand and brought up Tim Lambesis’ case involving a murder-for-hire plot. He wrote:

“Singer hires someone to kill his wife no one gives a f*ck. I throw a micstand into the crowd, decline of civilization. Hahahaha.”

You can see the recent tweet below.