Ronnie Radke Hits Sebastian Bach By Revealing Skid Row Reunion Truth

Falling In Reverse singer Ronnie Radke has responded to Sebastian Bach’s claims about him.

Earlier, the former Skid Row frontman was asked about his feud with Radke. However, Bach responded by saying he didn’t know who he was. More recently, the FIR frontman shared a video on his social media accounts about Bach’s comments. He claimed Bach ‘talked crap’ about him for many years so it was impossible for him to not know:

“Sebastian, you know exactly who I am. You talked a lot of crap about me for years. Also, another reason why I know you’re lying is because this is Elvis Baskett. And I know you know who that is because he did your newest album. And Elvis Baskette did ‘Dying Is Your Latest Fashion’ from Escape the Fate. He did three or four albums of my first albums. And he probably had them hanging all over his walls and stuff. And I’m sure my name got brought up a few times since I’ve known Elvis since I was literally a teenager.”

He then hit him with Skid Row and explained why the band doesn’t ‘want him back’:

“So this whole pretending that you don’t know I exist is just so phony, just like everything else. That’s why nobody likes you. Your band doesn’t want you back. They never want you back. You’re literally the most insufferable human being of all time — with terrible vocals.”

Radke’s Comments About ‘The Video’

A few days ago, Radke shared a screenshot from a naked video of Bach. Radke even threatened the rocker to release the video if he didn’t stop talking bad about him.

In the recently shared video, he continued by mentioning the naked footage:

“[alleged screenshot of Sebastian Bach naked with a ball in his mouth] Also, Sebastian, I have a video of you that you don’t want out. And I’m not gonna… I’m never gonna put it out. I’m never gonna put it out. I’m not the one — somebody else has this. A lot of people have this video. You know what this video is? [makes dog woofing noises] ‘Go fetch the ball. Go fetch the ball, Sebastian.’ No? You remember that one? I saw how your d*ck is small too.”

He finished the video by telling him to leave him alone:

“And I’m telling you right now, leave me the f*ck alone, you washed up piece of sh*t loser. F*ck you. F*ck anybody that actually pretends to be your friend and f*ck everything you stand for, you loser. Have a nice day, f*cker.”

The Origin Of The Feud

Their feud came after Falling In Reverse had to cancel a 2022 gig due to losing their laptops that contained all their preparations. Radke defended the band against criticism by mentioning that many musicians, including Bach, use backing tracks onstage. Bach responded:

“Wow, dummy, are you trying to say that you believe that I use tracks on stage? Eddie Trunk, how f*cking funny is this?”

Radke also mentioned a 1986 Queen concert supposedly using full tracks as an example. Bach replied:

“Laptops were not invented in 1986, though. You realize that laptops didn’t come around till like 1997, right genius? So then, how did Queen get on the stage? If laptops were not invented, don’t they have to cancel the show? How did this clip happen without laptops? Isn’t that impossible?”

You can see Radke’s video here.