Roger Waters Shares New Dates For This Is Not A Drill Tour

Pink Floyd legend, Roger Waters revealed the new tour dates of his upcoming This Is Not a Drill Tour in the summer of 2022. Waters announced that there were some rescheduled tour dates for his fans in Mexico City by sharing them on his official Twitter account.

As you may remember, Roger Waters released his fourth solo studio album entitled ‘Is This the Life We Really Want?’ on June 2, 2017. The album became very popular and was listened to a lot by his fans. It reached number three on the UK charts and number eleven on the US charts. ‘Smell the Roses,’ ‘Déjà Vu,’ ‘The Last Refugee,’ and ‘Wait for Her’ drew great attention.

As a promotion of his latest solo album, Waters started his Us + Them Tour on May 26, 2017, and finished on December 9, 2018. Then, it was announced that Waters would be back on stage for This Is Not a Drill Tour in 2020. However, the tour was postponed to summer 2022 due to the restrictions of COVID-19.

Recently, Waters shared the details of the upcoming tour on his official Twitter account. This Is Not a Drill Tour is going to start on July 6, 2022, in Pittsburgh and end on October 8, 2022, in Dallas. Roger Waters shared that the tour dates of Mexico City were changed. The Mexico City concerts which were supposed to be performed on October 7, and 8, 2020 was rescheduled to October 14 and 15, 2022.

Here’s what Roger Waters wrote in his latest tweet:

“Mexico City!  New This Is Not a Drill Tour Dates For You

Rescheduled Dates:

Wednesday 7th October 2020 moves to 14th October 2022

Thursday 8th October 2020 moves to 15th October 2022

More Details Forthcoming.

You can see the tweet below.

Click here to check out the tour details.