Roger Taylor’s Daughter Tiger Lily Says Being A Teenage Girl Is The Hardest And Gives Some Personal Advice

Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s daughter and model, Tiger Lily Taylor, took her official Instagram account to share a new post and gave advice to her teenage followers.

In the post, Taylor shared a picture of herself when she was 19 years old and revealed how she was feeling in those days by saying that being a teenager is the hardest thing in the world.

Furthermore, Tiger Lily wanted to show how it could feel to be a teenage girl for her male followers and said that teenage girls can wear oversize outfits to not get noticed by the community or hides their body because she thinks it’s in the wrong shape.

While talking about the hardest things about being a teenage girl, Tiger Lily also gave advice to her followers and asked them to give themselves a break because it gets easier.

Here is what Tiger Lily Taylor said:

“Here I am at 19. Slowly gaining confidence but still dressing like a boy.

Being a teenage girl is the hardest, without the added stress of fearing for your safety or being embarrassed when someone makes a comment about your appearance.So here is a little note I wrote about what it can feel like to be a teenage girl, for anyone who doesn’t understand.

She is a teenager now, and has established herself through a distinctly “boyish” style. She wears baggy trousers and big t-shirts to hide herself. She wants to hide her body, her growing breasts and her womanly shape.”

She continued:

“She hides herself under clothes that are three sizes too big. She does this for fear of being noticed. She is afraid of the attention of men and she is afraid that women will hate her for any attention that she draws. She also hides her body because she thinks it is too big, it’s the wrong shape.

The shame at her sensuality is coupled with a fierce self-loathing because she will never be perfect and there will always be something for people to criticise. To any girls feeling low or self conscious, give yourself a break! It gets easier.”

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