Roger Daltrey Explains What He’s Most Proud Of About The Who

The Who’s Roger Daltrey recently gave an interview to Forbes, during which he expressed his thoughts on the band and revealed what he is the most proud of regarding their career.

Following the band’s formation in the mid-1960s, the Who shortly became one of the most influential bands of the 20th century. Their unique style inspired many musicians regarding the use of technology during live performances and in rock music in general. The band has significantly influenced the rock scene, particularly as one of the pioneers of rock opera.

As the band’s lead singer, Daltrey became built a worldwide reputation with the Who. He also pursued a solo career in addition to his work with the band. Featured on all of the Who’s greatest hits, Roger also proved himself on the music scene with his solo songs like ‘Free Me,’ ‘Under A Raging Moon,’ and many more. The 78-year-old vocalist still tours with the remaining band members.

Recently, the frontman spoke to Forbes and shared his feelings about the Who. After the interviewer said that the Who has influenced a wide range of audiences, Daltrey replied that the band was part of a certain era that grasped what rock music is and what it could achieve.

He stated that he now sees people his age coming to the Who’s concerts with their grandchildren. Roger Daltrey believes that their music appeals to such a diverse audience because this is the power of rock music. Following that, the frontman said that what he is most proud of about his band is that the Who is also a part of this accomplishment.

In his own words, he said:

“I was lucky enough to be in that generation of bands who believes rock music can be much more than just a three-minute single appealing to teenagers. Here we are at this grand old age of 78, 79 – like Mick Jagger – where people bring their grandchildren to shows, some of them eight years old. 8 ‘til 80 [laughs]. To know that rock music has achieved that, and that the Who was part of it, is the thing I’m most proud of.”

Recently, The Who has gotten back on stage and is on its 2022 North American tour. The tour will continue throughout October. However, they also have some scheduled dates for November and February. They will hit the road for their tour in Canada and the States.