Roger Daltrey Addresses The Expiration Date Of The Who

Roger Daltrey, the co-founder and lead singer of the rock legend the Who, recently joined a conversation with Forbes and shared his thoughts on their band and their future projects.

Formed in 1964, The Who is regarded as one of the most influential rock figures of the 20th century. Roger Daltrey has been performing with the band for over 50 years since its formation. Besides contributing to the band with his songwriting, Roger’s voice and singing style have also enabled the creation of a strong bond between the band and their fans.

The 78-year-old singer continues to perform with the Who. The band embarked on a new project that got fans excited last spring. They held live performances in 14 cities as part of their ‘Hit Back!’ tour during the first half of 2022. After a short summer break, they will hit the road again this fall. They will perform eight more live shows, which are scheduled to end on November 5. Band members’ plans after the tour are currently unknown.

During an interview with Forbes, in response to an interviewer asking about The Who’s future, the iconic vocalist said that the legendary band is approaching retirement. While stating that he does not want to spoil the successful reputation that the Who has built so far, Daltrey admitted that he will quit when he feels like he is not as good as before. The rockstar continued his words by saying that if he can’t convey the emotion to the listener, there will be no point in singing for him.

Regarding the future of their group and what it means for him to continue to perform, Roger said:

“The Who is getting near retirement age. I would like to stop while we’re still doing it well. When I can’t sing the notes anymore, sing to where it touches the audience, then it’s time. The Who’s music is very different from most rock. You’re dealing with words from a deep inner space within us all.

The words have to connect the singer to the audience. If I lose the power to do that, well, I will stop, even if it’s after this tour. I don’t want the downward slope where you’re not quite as good as you used to be.”

Roger’s remarks about the Who’s retirement may upset many fans. However, their live performances continue, and it is still possible to watch the band live. The first concert to follow will be at the Denver Ball Arena on October 17. They will continue their shows in Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, Anaheim, and Los Angeles. The tour will wrap up in Las Vegas.