Rod Stewart Reacts To Allegations About Using Relief Works As A Public Stunt

Rod Stewart has recently been making headlines for his relief works and contributions to healthcare, but he’s adamant that it’s not a publicity stunt for an upcoming album. In an interview, Stewart discussed his recent goodwill, the challenges he’s faced, and his appreciation for healthcare staff.

Having gone through numerous MRI screenings himself due to his cancer diagnosis, Stewart knows how expensive and difficult these procedures can be in the UK. Determined to make a difference and make things right in the system, the legendary singer has set out to improve the experience for others in similar situations.

Addressing recent rumors, Stewart clarified that his charitable efforts were not a means to promote a new album. He expressed frustration with the difficulty in getting a response to his offers to pay for people’s MRI scans. Despite being photographed while trying to help, which led to the publicity stunt speculation, Rod insisted that he had no intention of drawing attention to himself and wasn’t even keen on being photographed.

About paying a day’s worth of scans at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, he said:

“I said when I did Sky TV that I want to try and do them all over the country. I’m not going to show up and be photographed. I just wanted to do it. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall. I can’t get any response. People are crying out for MRIs, I’m willing to pay for them, 30 or 40 in a few hours, and I can’t get anybody to do it for me.

I want to keep it going. I don’t want it to look like it was a publicity stunt. I didn’t have an album coming out or anything. I wanted the people to know I was doing it, but now I want it to go on and on and on, and I’m not getting any response.”

Rod Stewart is also known for his appreciation of healthcare staff. In the interview, he expressed support for the recent doctor and nurse strikes in the NHS, saying they were ‘absolutely right.’ Stewart believes that the healthcare system deserves more attention and care from the government. He stands firmly with the healthcare workers fighting for their rights.

In solidarity with the striking healthcare workers, Stewart stated:

“I’m well on their side. I was absolutely with them; they come before anything.”

The rocker’s relief works seem to be a genuine and heartfelt effort to make a difference in the lives of others. Despite the challenges he has faced and the misconceptions about his motivations, Stewart remains committed to his cause, demonstrating that the legendary singer’s heart is as big as his voice.