Gene Simmons Might Clash With Paul Stanley After Ace Frehley Feud

Gene Simmons of KISS recently joined a telephone interview with 519 Magazine and sounded optimistic about the possibility of including Ace Frehley in their final shows, which might cause tension between the bassist and Paul Stanley following the Frehley dispute.

The musician reflected on the history and influence of KISS, focusing on internal relationships with original members Ace and Peter Criss. He then went on to say:

“It’s no secret we’ve had our share of ups and downs. Ace and Peter are brothers in KISS, and the door was always open for them to join us on this last go-around. But this isn’t a fairy tale; it’s real life. Egos, personalities, addictions—they’ve all played their parts.”

Simmons’ Mixed Emotions Over Frehley And Criss’ Absence

He also shared his feelings regarding Frehley and Criss not being part of these last performances:

“I feel sad. I feel sad and angry that both Ace and Peter aren’t here. I mean, they’re alive, but they’re not here to enjoy this unbelievable journey with us. They were there at the beginning and deserve all the credit. And when they look in the mirror, the only reason they’re not here with us is themselves.”

Simmons admitted the emotional significance of these final performances and added:

“Inviting them was as much for the fans as it was for us. KISS has always been about the whole, not the individual. It would’ve been fitting to have all of us there, one last time.”

Stanley’s Thoughts On The Farewell Tour’s Significance

While the bassist showed an open attitude, Stanley and Frehley had recently exchanged sharp criticisms with each other. In his October chat with Ultimate Classic Rock, the singer explained that the tour is meant to honor the entire 50-year history of the band, not just the original members. Stanley also expressed reluctance to let former members like Frehley and Criss have a say in the tour, noting:

“It doesn’t make sense to allow anybody to come in and call shots. We are in great shape. The band is fantastic. I don’t want to mar the celebration [of the farewell tour]. I don’t want to mar the situation. It’s been too good.”

Frehley’s Response To Criticisms And Tour Exclusion

Following Paul’s statements, Ace counterattacked with harsh words in a recent conversation with ZackAttack of the 93.5 FM MAX classic rock radio station. He mentioned how Stanley and Simmons tried to undermine his reputation by labeling him as unreliable due to his past struggles with alcohol and drugs. The guitarist also responded to Paul’s remarks about him potentially joining the farewell tour, saying:

“Now they’re putting me down and saying if I came up and played with them on the farewell tour, it would mar their performance. Paul said on the Howard Stern Show, you might as well call the band PISS instead of KISS if I got up on stage with them. Well, when this album comes about, it’s gonna make him look like an imbecile.”

Although the absence of Frehley and Criss from KISS’ farewell tour might leave some fans feeling let down, it’s hardly surprising. Simmons revealed in a June interview that both names had rejected multiple invites to return for final KISS shows. The band is set to perform their last concerts on December 1 and 2 at Madison Square Garden in New York.