Robert Sweet Criticizes Public Schools For Treatment Of Christian Students

Stryper’s Robert Sweet thinks public schools are more welcoming to Muslims than Christians.

In a recent conversation with Rocking With Jam Man, the interviewer asked about what students can do in public schools regarding their Christian faith, and the drummer responded:

“I have to be honest with you. I don’t care much for the public schools. They would probably welcome people saying they were Muslims, but if you say you’re a Christian, no way. And that’s too bad, because this nation was built on Christianity, and we get our laws from the Ten Commandments.”

Sweet said while some may turn to Jesus, many will turn away:

“It’s a shame, but the Bible kind of said it was gonna happen. So, I think at this point in time, you’re gonna see a lot of people realizing the goodness of Jesus, but you’re gonna see a lot of people backing away, going the other way. There’s not a lot we’re gonna be able to do about it.”

Stryper Always Prioritized Spreading Christian Faith

Not long ago, the musician also spoke to Sofa King Cool Magazine and talked about the reactions against Stryper due to their Christian lyrics. He noted:

“I think, and a lot of people have told us, especially in the industry, ‘If you guys weren’t doing this Jesus thing, and we know you mean it,’ which we do, ‘you guys would have sold many more millions of records.’ And, really, I want everyone to know that’s the truth because radio never played us.”

After saying that many non-Christians appreciated their music despite the challenges they faced, he added:

“We don’t look at ourselves as any better than anyone else, but we had to stick with it. We had to make sure that the message of Jesus was first and foremost and front, no matter what people said. And, man, were we ever given a hard time. I am telling you, I didn’t know so many people were gonna come against us back in the ’80s, and even up to this day. But it’s all worth it.”

In April, Sweet finished mixing Stryper’s new album with Danny Bernini at SpiritHouse Recording Studios in Massachusetts. It’s likely to be released in late summer or early fall.

You can watch the rest of Robert’s chat below.