Robert Smith Felt Embarrassed Over His Voice, According To Recently Surfaced The Cure Documentary

The recently released ‘The Cure: Rock Case Studies Documentary’ on the Stream Youtube channel features an archival interview with lead singer Robert Smith where he shares his self-consciousness about his voice.

The full documentary that only became available to fans on Youtube recently featured performance footage and commentary from musicians, fans, and critics. The documentary included a rare archival interview with lead singer Robert Smith, who discussed the Cure’s sound and history and occasionally made comments about himself.

Although the documentary is quite old, it allowed fans to gain a real insight into The Cure’s journey in the post-punk era. However, the footage of the band’s performance on the British show ‘The Tube’ made the lead singer uncomfortable because he didn’t like his voice. Robert Smith stated in an interview many years ago that his voice could only do so much.

He claimed that his voice is very limited regarding the notes he could hit, and admitted that he is embarrassed by his voice, and when he comes across good singers, it annoys him. The musician noted that he couldn’t sing without any mental preparation but would instead jump into the river. On the other hand, he said that singing is beneficial when he is in the right head space, as it allows him to release his emotions.

Robert Smith’s words about his voice:

“I’m still very, very limited. I get frustrated when I hear good singers, but it’s just funny. It’s such an embarrassing thing to sing; I couldn’t sing now. I jump in the river rather than sing, but if I don’t know in a specific frame of mind and I’m singing songs, it’s a release this way.”

You can watch the full documentary below.