Robert Plant Reflects On His Concerns About Releasing New Music

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss reunited to release a new album together after their successful collaboration for ‘Raising Sand’ in 2007. Recently, Plant talked about their latest project and stated that he was nervous to begin the record because he was scared they wouldn’t have the same energy again.

The duo released ‘Raising Sand’ in 2007 which made it on number 25 at top 50 albums according to Rolling Stone. They sold over 110,000 copies on the first week of its release. Up to that moment, both of the musicians hadn’t sold this many records with their solo work. It debuted at number two thanks to these numbers.

The duo decided to come together to release another album, ‘Raise the Roof.’ Their reunion was long-awaited by the fans as it has been 14 years since they worked together. This apparently made Plant nervous because it was hard to top ‘Raising Sand.’ He stated to New York Times that he had doubts whether or not they will catch the same energy with each other again. He continued to say that they respect each other and came together to see the best things they can give their fans.

Here is what Plant stated about his doubts:

“There was a little bit of trepidation on my part. I wasn’t sure whether we could reinvoke what we had. But it was very short-lived, that question of whether or not it was real. It was like, I bow to her, and she curtsies to me, and we see what we can do.”

Krauss stated that back in 2007, after touring, the duo started to work on another album. However, they stopped and abandoned the idea back then. According to Krauss, it was too much for them at the time, possibly the success of ‘Raising Sand’ was unexpected, and the tour was exhausting.

Here is what she stated about abandoning the idea of another record in 2007:

“Nothing happened that was really horrible. We just felt like it was too much at once.

Plant and Krauss already released their first single from the album which is a cover of Randy Weeks-penned Lucinda Williams’ song ‘Can’t Let Go’ in August. The fans have eagerly been waiting since August for the release of their new album, and their wishes will come true soon on November 19.