Robert Plant Recalls When He And Jimmy Page Were Ditched By Local Musicians In Morocco

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant shared the unknown details about his collaboration with Jimmy Page for a project called ‘No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded’ while speaking on The Robert Plant Podcast and revealed that the Moroccan musicians, who were going to play for them, went to a wedding instead of working with them.

As you probably know, back in the mid-’90s, the former bandmates Rober Plant and Jimmy Page decided to work on a live album called ‘No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded.’ The album was named after a famous Led Zeppelin song named ‘No Quarter’ and the rock icons recorded the songs in different countries, such as Morrocco, Wales, and London.

Page and Plant wanted to work with local musicians to reflect the atmosphere and musical style of the country on their experimental project. Even though they already had a deal with the musicians who would play with them in Morrocco, they were shocked to find out what they had done. When Page and Plant went there, they had to look for them only to find out that they had decided to play at a wedding instead of collaborating with the Led Zeppelin legends.

In the podcast, Robert Plant recalled this story saying that they were ditched by the musicians who chose to perform at a wedding in Rabat although they were booked to record ‘No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded.’ Thus, the rock icons had to find other musicians and they ended up having a great time working with the new ones. Consequently, their journey to Morrocco led to the creation of another crazy memory shared by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Plant said in the podcast that:

When we played ‘Unledded’ in Morrocco, we started to work with a bunch of Morrocans and they went to a wedding at the wrong time. So, we had to get more reliable Egyptians. I went to Marakesh to look at some and musicians and Jimmy, the manager, and other guys came with a list of ideas for recording with the Moroccan ensembles. So, we made an appointment and went there but there was no sign from them the next morning when we got there.

Therefore we went looking for them and they would be back next week because they went to a wedding in Rabat. Maybe they were going to work for the greatest musicians and they have gone to a wedding. So my partners in the UK said ‘this is insane.’ Then we got some other guys and they were pretty cool. We recorded the album with them it was really good.”

You can listen to the podcast and one of the songs from the aforementioned album below.