Rob Zombie Explains Why It Was Weird And Uncomfortable Meeting Ozzy Osbourne For The First Time

White Zombie frontman Rob Zombie revealed the first time he ever met Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne during an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, and apparently, it was quite extraordinary as it happened at Osbourne’s house while the two were alone and Osbourne played a whole album which was not released yet.

As many of you know, Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne have a close friendship and often work together on some projects such as Rob Zombie’s second solo album, ‘The Sinister Urge’ in which Zombie worked with Ozzy Osbourne on the song ‘Iron Head,’ featured as the fifth track on the album.

The two also toured together back in 2007 as Osbourne decided to perform a 40-show North American fall tour in support of his tenth studio album, ‘Black Rain.’ The tour was named the ‘Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie’ tour and marked the first-ever tour that the due had together.

During a recent interview, Rob Zombie revealed how the two close friends met for the first time, and apparently, Zombie happened to go to Osbourne’s house for a reason and expected his house to be filled with people, however, there was only Osbourne and himself at the end.

In addition to this, Ozzy Osbourne, out of nowhere, decided to play his album and Rob Zombie naturally expected him to play a song from the album, yet Osbourne played the entire album before it’s even released which was shocking, and awesome to Zombie, uncomfortable at the same time.

Here is what Zombie said:

“Ozzy’s great. I’ve known Ozzy for a long time. We toured together for the first time maybe 20 years ago, but I met him before. The first time I met Ozzy was really weird. I went to his house — I don’t remember why — and that was where I met him, at his house. And I thought, ‘Oh, there’s gonna be a bunch of people. My manager will be there, Sharon will be there.’ And it ends up with just me and Ozzy by ourselves; I just met him. And he’s, like, ‘Oh, Rob. I wanna play you my new record.’ So he puts on his new record. I think he’s gonna play one song maybe. He plays the whole album, looking directly at me, singing most of it. And I’m simultaneously thinking, ‘This is awesome,’ and, ‘This is so uncomfortable, I don’t know what to do.’

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