Rob Trujillo Shares His Go-For-Broke Metallica Song

Rob Trujillo recently joined an interview with Revolver and revealed which Metallica song is his all-time favorite, although it was released when he was still not a band member.

Undoubtedly, the 1986 ‘Master of Puppets’ is regarded as a thrash metal classic and one of Metallica’s best records. Many critics have praised its lyrical content and sound, while some have credited it as the record that established the American thrash metal genre. Besides its general influence on the metal scene, it is also an album that has redefined Metallica.

Following the trash tradition, the album reflects a kind of social consciousness through its lyrics. It contains political criticism from the cover to the content, and as the title suggests, the album’s central theme is political manipulation. The album’s tone is also in line with this theme, as each song contains aggressive riffs and guitar solos that convey the necessity for rebellion.

Metallica’s longest-serving bassist, Rob Trujillo, recently spoke for Revolver and disclosed his favorite Metallica albums and songs. It seems like ‘Master of Puppets,’ released before he joined the band, has inspired him a lot. Stating that ‘Master Of Puppets’ was one of the three albums that motivated him to run as he was getting ready for the Suicidal Tendencies tour, the bassist revealed that he liked the ‘Disposable Heroes’ the most from this album.

Stressing that ‘Disposable Heroes’ is his go-for-broke and go-to classic Metallica song, Trujillo said the song is very well crafted musically and ‘has it all.’ According to the bassist, people might consider ‘Disposable Heroes’ a deep cut, but it is his all-time favorite. He added that the former band members blended funky and metal tunes well in this song and achieved a balance.

Trujillo’s words on his favorite Metallica song:

“For me, that’s pretty easy: ‘Disposable Heroes’ of the ‘Master of Puppets’ album. And the reason is because it’s really in a lot of ways, especially in metal, the perfect balance of what I call ‘power groove.’

I liked that song before I even joined the band. I used to go running in the hills in the Santa Monica mountains to prepare for Suicidal Tendencies tours. I had three or four cassettes that motivated me: One of them was ‘Master of Puppets,’ and then, like, ‘Reign in Blood’ and ‘Ride the Lightning’ were in there, too. That’s how I really, really dissected and discovered ‘Master of Puppets.’

‘Disposable Heroes’ has that groove that leans more in that sort of head-banging kind of funky zone… Slayer has that, too, with certain songs. And then at the same time, it shifts gears, and you get the speed in there. It’s very well-crafted and has a little bit of everything, well, not even a little bit, it’s got a lot of everything. It’s always one of my go-to classic Metallica songs. Now, I know some people call it a deep cut… but ‘Disposable Heroes’ would be my go-for-broke Metallica classic song right there, ’cause it has everything.”

You can listen to the remastered version of ‘Disposable Heroes’ on Youtube below.