Rob Halford Celebrates Alice Cooper As The True Shock Rocker

It was Alice Cooper’s 75th birthday just recently, and many names have celebrated the singer, including Rob Halford. Via a short video on his official Instagram account, Halford not only wished him a happy birthday and also praised the singer for being the true godfather of shock rock.

The two vocalists have been making music in the industry for many years. They even performed together on stage. Last spring Rob Halford, Alice Cooper, and Creed’s Scott Stapp shared the stage at the CoopStock 2. The musicians performed a live cover of the Doors’ 1970 track ‘Roadhouse Blues’ to raise money for Cooper’s charity, Solid Rock Foundation.

Besides his birthday message to Alice Cooper,  Rob Halford wanted fans to be aware of Cooper’s foundation and its amazing work. Then, through the end of his video, the Judas Priest frontman described the vocalist as the original shock rocker.

Rob Halford’s words about Alice Cooper:

“It’s my good friend and neighbor Alice Cooper’s 75th birthday. I know you will join me in wishing him a brilliant happy birthday celebration. Alice Cooper’s charity Solid Rock Centers offers youth ages 12-20 a safe space to spend their time and free music lessons. I’ve been there, and they do amazing work to encourage and support young people. Please celebrate Alice’s birthday with me by considering any donations. Happy birthday to the original shock rocker Alice Cooper!”

So, Halford not only celebrated Alice Cooper’s birthday but also highlighted his title as the original shock rocker. If that wasn’t enough, the singer also mentioned Cooper’s charity for anyone who wanted to support young musicians who need a safe space to learn and practice.