Ringo Starr Shares A Photo With Dave Grohl In The Bath, Fans Have A Stroke

The Beatles’ Ringo Starr recently posted a photo with Dave Grohl on his Instagram, which shocked some of his fans.

Both Ringo Starr and Dave Grohl are quite successful musicians with impressive musical careers. Ringo Starr achieved phenomenal success with the Beatles, while Dave Grohl rose to prominence with Nirvana. Moreover, the musicians are also very close friends and are still active in the music scene. That’s why fans would be delighted to see these two talented drummers in the same frame.

However, with the recent photo that Ringo Starr posted, some fans started to speculate whether they are just ‘close friends.’ As it appears in the photo, Starr and Grohl share the same bathtub, and they look quite happy. Although the photo might have been from a special photoshoot, Starr’s caption took fans by surprise.

He stated that most people usually go to bed together, but he and Dave got into the same bath. He then mentioned his book ‘Octopus’s Garden’ and said Grohl will be great reading the book.

Below the post, one of Ringo’s fans reacted to this photo by saying they almost had a stroke reading the caption. Moreover, one fan said Ringo is gay while another commented he is not gay but a ‘homiesexual.‘ Therefore, it appears the photo was the proof of their bromance.

Ringo Starr’s Instagram post read:

“Most people usually go to bed together but of course, Dave and I are getting in the bath. I know you’re gonna be great reading ‘Octopus’s Garden’ written by Ringo. Peace and love Dave.”

Upon seeing the photo, one fan commented below the post:

“I had a stroke reading that caption Ringo.”

Another one said:

“Oh shit, Ringo is gay.”

Below this comment, a fan stated:

“Nah, he is just homiesexual.

You can check out the photo Ringo Starr included in his Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Ringo Starr – Instagram