Rick Allen Names The Def Leppard Song In Which He Emulated John Bonham

During an interview with Eonmusic, Def Leppard’s drummer Rick Allen has revealed the Def Leppard song in which he attempted to imitate Led Zeppelin’s drummer John Bonham.

The well-known Rick Allen lost his arm in a tragic car accident on December 31, 1984, and that changed his life forever. Allen thought his drumming days were over, but his band Def Leppard hadn’t lost any hope for him though. With the intent of showing him their support, the band worked with some engineers to design a special drum set for Allen to be able to continue to play drums.

He re-learned how to play, worked hard while locking himself away with his drum kit, and months after the accident played the beginning of ‘When The Levee Breaks’ by Led Zeppelin. After that incident that marks the new beginnings for him, he regained his confidence and came back from the tragic accident still being a drummer in one of the most successful bands.

Speaking to Eonmusic, Rick Allen has mentioned his upcoming art exhibit and some key moments from his musical career. He told in the interview that his personal favorite Def Leppard song is ‘Desert Song’ and compared it to ‘Kashmir’ by Led Zeppelin as he thinks it hits him the same way. Allen then said he attempted to emulate Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham while playing the drums in ‘Desert Song,’ stating he is hopeful he did a good job doing so. He then explained the circular transition the song has which is also similar to the idea behind ‘Kashmir,’ saying it was like playing a one-time signature against another.

Rick Allen told Eonmusic about his playing style of ‘Desert Song’ that:

“I think that was my attempt at emulating John Bonham. Hopefully, I did an okay job! It kind of had that sort of circular transition, where I’m playing one thing real straight, and then the band they’re at a different part of the riff until you get five or six or maybe even seven times around the riff before it comes back to square one. That was the whole idea behind ‘Kashmir’; it was almost like playing one time signature against another, which is really cool.”

As also mentioned in the interview, being a painter as well as being a musician, Rick Allen will be making appearances with his artwork at Wentworth Galleries in Atlantic City and King of Prussia between July 10 and 11.