Richie Sambora Mocks Jon Bon Jovi’s Confession About His Lies

Richie Sambora has mocked his bandmate’s confession about his lies.

The rocker took to X to respond to a user that shared a video of Jon Bon Jovi from an interview. In the video, he was seen talking about his latest Bon Jovi documentary:

“That’s how it is in a band: One lies, and the rest swears.”

The person who posted this video hinted that the documentary might be full of lies. Judging by Richie’s response to the post, it seems like he was poking fun at the situation and showing that he noticed other people’s opinions too. He wrote in response to the user:

“That’s hilarious!”

Sambora’s Comments On The Docuseries

A few weeks ago, the former Bon Jovi guitarist appeared in public for the first time since the Hulu docuseries, ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,’ came out. He headlined the 11th Annual Unbridled Eve Kentucky Derby Gala at The Galt House Hotel.

Sambora spoke to People magazine about the series. He shared that he thought it focused more on his old bandmate Jon Bon Jovi’s journey rather than his own:

“It’s his project and it’s his perspective. I have a different perspective on all of that.”

‘Thank You, Goodnight’ covers Sambora’s split from the band to focus more on raising his daughter during his divorce from his ex. Before the documentary premiered, Jon mentioned that he and the guitarist watched some of it together and that there was no bad blood:

“He came over and watched three parts of the docuseries at my house. There’s never animosity.”

Jon himself didn’t address Sambora’s recent comments yet.