REM’s Michael Stipe And Brian Eno To Collaborate For A New Song ‘Future If Future’


As R.E.M’s Instagram page announced, Michael Stipe and Brian Eno collaborated to release a song as Earth Day approached. The duo came up with a track titled ‘ Future If Future’ to draw attention to climate change and many other environmental problems our world face.

R.E.M was formed in 1980 and disbanded in 2011 after a successful career. As described by many other rock vocalists, frontman Michael Stipe has an extraordinary voice and is known to be a very influential character in the rock world. Although they disbanded over a decade ago, the members are still active on the band’s social media, and their solo works are being promoted.

Recently, the official Instagram page of  R.E.M announced the upcoming release of Michael Stipe and the influential rock and pop artist Brian Eno’s song named ‘Future If Future.’ The track is being released on Earth Day to recognize the climate crisis and spread awareness of the issue.

In addition to putting out a new song, the release has another special meaning. The track will be among the 100 pieces that will also be dropped, and they all aim to raise funds and awareness. As revealed in the caption, Brian Eno also spoke about working with Stipe and expressed his excitement over the first time they recorded together.

Here is what the caption said:

“New Music Alert: Michael and Brian Eno have collaborated on a new song set to be released on Earth Day (April 22). The single, titled, ‘Future If Future,’ is one of 100 songs being released by various artists via Bandcamp in an effort to raise awareness about the climate crisis along with funds to support groups leading the effort to combat the ongoing dilemma.

In an interview with The Guardian, Eno had this to say about the song and collaboration: ‘I’ve just finished a piece this morning with Michael Stipe. This will be the first time I’ve worked with him, though I did sing with him once on Saturday Night Live or something like that. I’m very pleased with the way it’s gone. It’s a very good song, a very Stipe song. Beautiful lyrics, extraordinary piece.'”

Brian Eno has been described as one of pop music’s most innovative and influential figures. He worked with notable artists like U2, Coldplay, and David Bowie. He helped introduce a non-traditional but rather unique way of recording techniques to the music industry.

You can see the photo posted on R.E.M’s account below.

Photo Credit: R.E.M – Instagram