Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Shares The ‘Incredibly Underrated’ Punk Band

Flea recently shared his pick for one of the greatest punk bands of all time while complaining a bit about how incredibly underrated they were in the rock scene on Twitter.

We all have that one band that we think doesn’t get the attention they deserve, and one might even try promoting them like a devoted missionary at every chance they get. After all, when it comes to sharing our music tastes, it’s in our nature to stand by them and promote them with every inch of our being.

So, it seems that Flea is also on a mission to help one of ‘the greatest rock acts’ of all time to get a bit more spotlight, as he recently tweeted how he felt British punk icons, the Damned, were incredibly underrated. It was a simple statement that didn’t offer any arguments, but it is evident that the bassist thought the punk rockers didn’t receive the appreciation they deserved.

The rocker’s tweet followed:

“The Damned are incredibly underrated, one of the greatest rock bands of all time.”

The British act was one of the most important figures of the ’70s rock scene, though it might be only fair to say that they were a bit overshadowed by their peers, Sex Pistols. Still, the band managed to gain a cult following that stood by them for years, and Flea seems to be among their admiring community as he complained about how underrated the act was.

Well, the RHCP icon wasn’t the only one to think that their favorite rockers went underrecognized, as you can check out the time how Journey’s Neal Schon tweeted he felt that a particular ‘monster guitarist’ was underrated in the scene, as many didn’t give the rocker the attention they deserved, despite their talent.