R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe Criticizes Reunited Bands For Being Money Grabber

Former R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe recently gave an interview to radio station WNYC and claimed that the bands that reunite have a financial motive in mind.

Most bands in the music industry go on hiatuses or disband at some point in their career. Those breaks sometimes are the result of a lack of creativity, loss of popularity, or internal disputes. Although some bands put an end to their career after their disbandment, others reunite to create music again or tour.

The successful rock band R.E.M was one of the bands that decided to end their career. Formed in 1980 by Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Michael Stipe, it was one of the first alternative rock bands. Throughout their career, they were commercially successful and achieved critical acclaim due to their distinctive sound. However, they decided to break up in 2011.

Speaking to WNYC, Michael Stipe talked about the rumors that suggest R.E.M would reunite. He put an end to the speculations by saying they will never reunite. Following that, the musician stated they thought reuniting would probably be money-grabbing and claimed that might be the impetus for most bands to get back together. Stipe then said they don’t need that, and he is happy with their 32-years of work.

Michael Stipe told WNYC that:

“We will never reunite. We decided when we split up that that would just be really tacky and probably money-grabbing, which might be the impetus for a lot of bands to get back together. We don’t really need that, and I’m really happy that we just have the legacy of the 32 years of work that we have.”

As it appears, Michael Stipe thinks that the bands which decide to reunite have money-related motives in their minds. Aside from shocking everyone with this bold claim, he also left the R.E.M fanbase heartbroken by claiming that they will never reunite.