Queens Of The Stone Age Frontman Accuses Ex-Wife Brody Dalle Of Endangering Their Children

Joshua Homme recently released a press statement explaining the domestic events that caused him and his ex-wife, The Distillers’ Brody Dalle. The press release showed the details of the two’s lawsuit and clarified the air concerning the custody of their children. Brody Dalle’s boyfriend, Gunner Foxx’s involvement and crimes, were also presented and turned out to be a turning point for Homme to get full custody of their children.

Homme and Dalle announced their separation in 2019, and Homme was restrained by law from seeing his children. It turned out that Dalle’s boyfriend, Gunner Foxx, had forged Dalle’s signature to grant this restriction order at the time. This was revealed in court later on in 2021, and Dalle received community service.

The court case between the ex-couple went on for quite a while, and in 2022, Dalle received a restraining order against her children after the court gave Homme full custody. The trial will be resumed this year; however, until then, Homme has full rights to take care of his children. The statement released recently by Homme shows that his children have been exposed to danger by the couple, Dalle and Foxx.

His statement read:

“Recent actions by Brody Dalle and Gunner Foxx have not only caused the children emotional harm but have also put them in great danger. As a result of these actions, on March 16, 2023, The Los Angeles Family Court ordered a permanent restraining order against Brody Dalle for a period of 1 year and 11 months. This Domestic Violence Restraining order was granted to protect (and on behalf of) the Homme family, including Joshua, his three children, and Joshua’s parents, Michael and Irene Homme.”

The ex-couple tried to communicate healthily after their separation, but the interference of Foxx seems to have broken this bond. The court is trying to make sure that the children are not exposed to any harm, and their latest decision shows that Homme is the right person to take care of them. Eyes are on the 2023 hearing when the court will decide on a permanent solution.