Queen’s Brian May Shares His First Message After Receiving The Honor Of Knighthood

Becoming a knight might have been your dream job as a kid. After all, who wouldn’t want to wear shiny armor and be respected by everyone? Well, we’re delighted to tell you that Brian May seems to be living your childhood dream. It was recently announced that the guitarist had received the honor of knighthood, and he decided to address and celebrate this lovely honor with a video on Instagram.

It’s not uncommon for British artists to receive the honor of knighthood, and the long list of people who have received the acclaim are many rock legends, from Paul McCartney to Mick Jagger. So, even though Brian was previously awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire or, to put it much shorter, a CBE, the guitarist has now become a knight, adding the title ‘Sir’ to his name.

“Cheers all! Sir Bri,” wrote Brian in the caption of the video he shared to celebrate his new title and honor. He then revealed how he would want to be addressed if someone wished to be more formal and didn’t consider ‘Sir Bri’ appropriate. He wrote, “OK… If you want to be formal, Dr. Sir Brian Harold May, CBE.”

In the video, the guitarist thanked everyone for their support and addressed all the love and support he had received from his audience through messages. Sir Bri said, “I just come on here to say thank you so much for all your messages and congratulations following the announcement of my knighthood.”

The rocker then assured everyone that he would do his best to be worthy of this honor. “I’m very thrilled and very touched by the love that has come from you and the support,” he wrote, and continued, “I will do my very best to be worthy. For now, good night, thank you, and much love from Sir Brian.”

With Brian’s knighthood, we might say the British Empire is in safe hands… and from now on, if you wish to address Brian May, well, you might need to go on and say, ‘Sir Brian.’ If you have any other questions regarding how to become a knight, well, we’re pretty sure that the Queen legend might have some tips to share.