Prince Didn’t Like Musicians Covering His Songs, According To Mariah Carey

In a new interview with Variety, Mariah Carey spoke about one of her albums, ‘Butterfly’ and revealed that Prince didn’t like her cover.

It is common for artists to cover each other’s songs in the music industry. While some musicians feel flattered when another artist appreciates their work, some don’t like renditions. Mariah Carey highly enjoys covering songs and has released remakes of several works by different names, such as Phil Collins, Def Leppard, and Stevie Wonder. One of the names she covered was her close friend, Prince.

There was a Carey version of Prince’s 1984 release, ‘The Beautiful One’ featured on her seminal album ‘Butterfly,’ which she released 25 years ago. The overall line on the album was hip hop and urban adult contemporary tones, and she collaborated with R&B band Dru Hill on the cover.

Speaking about this album in her last interview with Variety, Carey revealed that Prince, who was also a close friend, did not like her cover of ‘The Beautiful One.’ However, this wasn’t the case only with her cover since she stated that Prince didn’t like covers in general and didn’t believe in this concept.

She shared that Prince supported her when the album was released, but years after the release, he said he didn’t like her version. However, in the same conversation, she also said that it made her incredibly happy when Prince said how much he loved her song ‘Honey.’

Mariah Carey’s words about Prince:

“He did not like covers, nor did he believe in the concept. I only found this out years later, around the time I was doing ‘Glitter,’ when he told me so. And I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God,’ but then Prince told me how much he loved my song ‘Honey,’ and I was dying. For him to have even known that song was major to me.

Plus, at the time of ‘Butterfly,’ he defended me to record executives who didn’t understand my decision to make an album like that. The execs didn’t understand me veering from a successful formula. But Prince understood.”

You can listen to the Mariah Carey version of ‘The Beautiful One’ on Youtube below.