Pixies Bassist Kim Shattuck’s Life-Story And End

Finding purpose in life can be a challenging process that can last years for many people, especially while choosing their occupation. However, Kim Shattuck was one of the luckiest people who discovered her greatest passion when they were young. She started learning and playing guitar while studying photography at Orange Coast College during the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Her first step to a professional career as a musician was joining The Pandoras. Shattuck served as bassist and backing vocalist in the band between 1985 and 1990; then, he wanted to make a change. The bassist formed Southern California-based punk rock band The Muffs in 1991 and worked as a guitarist and lead singer. Even though The Muffs brought her popularity and commercial success, another iconic band contributed to her career until her passing.

Kim Shattuck’s Mainstream Success In Her Musical Career

Founding The Muffs became a milestone moment in Shattuck’s musical career which would be more and more very successful and prolific in the following years. The band created and released four studio albums, and almost every one of them got critical acclaim until their hiatus in 1999. They reunited in 2004 and shared their fifth studio album, ‘Really Really Happy’ in the same year, but they didn’t drop any albums for almost a decade.

During that time, Shattuck replaced Kim Deal as Pixies’ new bassist in 2013 for the band’s European Tour, but her career in the band was short-lived. The bassist stated that the other band members dismissed her, and Pixies hired Entrance Band and A Perfect Circle’s Paz Lenchantin. Shattuck continued her career with The Muffs, and they went on working on their new songs. However, it couldn’t last long due to a tragic incident.

How Did Kim Shattuck Die?

Shattuck didn’t reveal what disease she had publicly dealt with during her interviews, but she mentioned there was in the family. She struggled with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS, for approximately two years, and she decided not to talk about it. Unfortunately, the bassist died because of ALS complications on October 2, 2019, at fifty-six, which devastated her family, friends, and colleagues.

In addition to them, Shattuck’s fans worldwide paid tribute to the late musician by sharing their love and respect for her on their social media accounts. The Muffs released their seventh and final studio album entitled ‘No Holiday’ on October 18, 2019, which the band members had recorded shortly before her death. The record will always be the last gift from Shattuck to them, and they will never forget the iconic bassist.