Pink Floyd Announces A ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Event Involving Fans

Pink Floyd recently announced an unexpected event for cult fans who would wish to take part in ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’s 50th-anniversary celebrations through the band’s official Twitter account.

The act has been celebrating the 50th anniversary of their ever-iconic album, and all their official social media accounts have changed their profile pictures into the classic light hue that Pink Floyd fans are all too familiar with. However, it seemed that the celebrations didn’t only consist of a few ‘DSOTM’ themed profile pictures or releasing customed vinyl.

The now Gilmour-Mason-led band’s official Twitter account invited all curious fans to participate in an exclusive listening session for ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon,’ given they are in Australia. The tweet stated there would be a once-in-a-lifetime listening event in mid-April, during a rare solar eclipse that will be only seen from the country, and eight lucky fans would also visit an undisclosed special location.

Pink Floyd’s tweet follows:

“Just announced is a once-in-a-lifetime, total solar eclipse ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ listening event, taking place in Australia on April 20th. There’s also the opportunity for 8 Australian fans to visit a special location for the event. Full details at Pink Floyd’s official website.”

So, the exclusive event the cult act invited all their fans into will be a celebratory listening session of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon,’ but the generous offer only includes their Australian audience. So, if you’re an Australian or visiting the country, you can join Pink Floyd and, perhaps, be one of the eight lucky fans who will get to see a special location.