Perry Farrell Responds To Concerns About Lollapalooza Not Following Vaccination Requirements


Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell shared his thoughts about Lollapalooza vaccination requirements via his official Twitter account.

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 in 2020 and the vaccination process which started in the first months of this year, some of the countries now require their citizens to show proof of vaccination in order to attend social gatherings.

Some of the shows that rock and metal fans have been waiting for a long time also have vaccination restrictions. Thus, if you are not vaccinated or have tested negative for Covid-19, you are not allowed to attend the shows.

When Perry met the audience during the Lollapalooza 2021, which ended at the beginning of August, there were lots of claims that people could enter the show without following the requirements. In fact, lots of people stated that attendees managed to get in with the fake vaccination cards that were being sold outside of the show.

Even though Perry said that he didn’t know about how people managed to get fake vaccination cards, he also admitted that they caught around 600 fake vaccination cards from the people who wanted to join the shows without any vaccine protection. Additionally, Perry mentioned that he doesn’t understand why people want to attend shows without any vaccination or protection and stressed why they needed to follow the vaccination requirements for their event.

Perry Farrell on the claims:

“Remember when the president slated July 4 as ‘opening day’ for America; he was sending a polite message to us all (get vaccinated man). Lollapalooza required patrons to be vaccinated or tested. It was in effect a vaccination party. We set a standard.

We required our patrons to be vaccinated or show proof of negative tests (the first destination in the world to require such stringent access). We had 95% of 100,000 people in Grant Park vaccinated (you are more wreckless with your hashtags than we were with our protocols).”

Perry Farrell also replied to a fan:

“Teddy, I didn’t see the fake vaccination cards however we were able to identify over 600 fake cards and turn phonies away. I do not understand why an unvaccinated person would want to jump in? Did you hear that Disneyland opened back up (not asking for vaccinations at all)?”

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