Perry Farrell Regrets Causing Jane’s Addiction To Become The Most Underrated Band Ever

Perry Farrell who is best known as the fronting member of Jane’s Addiction, had a recent conversation with Patrick Clarke of ‘Classic Rock’ this week to talk about the most underrated band ever which is the band he’s been the singer of for many years.

You may know that Jane’s Addiction was formed by bassist Eric Avery and Perry Farrell back in 1985 and right after releasing their self-titled debut album, they got the attention of Warner Bros Records and signed a great record deal with the label.

In 1987, Red Hot Chili Peppers legend Flea replaced Eric on bass and the band released seven more studio albums with him, until their latest record ‘The Greate Escape Artist,’ which was released ten years ago.

In his latest ever interview with Classic Rock, the frontman of the band was asked which band is the most underrated one ever in the history of the rock music scene. Farrell named his own band, Jane’s Addiction, admitting that he should have been more productive before breaking the band up at its height.

Here is what he told:

“Jane’s Addiction. It’s because I went crazy and broke the band up at their height. I was operating on instinct, and I just wanted to get away from those guys back then. I just wanted to do my own thing really bad. It was an amazing project, and maybe it wouldn’t have been any better.

But now I looked around and think: ‘Damn, I should have been more productive in that area.'”

You can check out the interview below.