Perry Farrell On Jane’s Addiction’s Future Without Dave Navarro

Before Jane’s Addiction’s long-awaited return with Spirits On Fire Tour, fans received the sad news: Dave Navarro wouldn’t be there due to his COVID-19 diagnosis. Speaking to Alt Press, Perry Farrell shared his thoughts on touring without Navarro and updated fans on the band’s future without the guitarist.

In October, Jane’s Addiction embarked on the Spirits On Fire Tour to support Smashing Pumpkins. However, shortly before the tour kicked off, Dave Navarro announced that he wouldn’t be joining the band as he suffered from the lingering effects of COVID-19. Although the fans were excited to see Eric Avery with the band again, Navarro’s absence was disappointing.

“At first, there was a lot of weight on my shoulders,” Perry Farrel admitted while expressing his feelings about hearing the news. “This was our return tour right after COVID, and we didn’t have Dave. Jane’s is a unique band; you can’t just grab any guitar player, and they’ll pick it up. That’s Dave Navarro we’re talking about — those are big shoes to fill.”

After the news, Jane’s Addiction decided on Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens Of The Stone Age to fill in for Navarro. As the tour progressed, Josh Klinghoffer and Daniel Ash joined the band on several dates. Jane’s Addiction entered the studio upon completing the tour to record new songs, and they now have three new efforts waiting for the guitar tracks.

Speaking about Jane’s Addiction’s new songs, Perry Farrell said, “I don’t know who will end up recording the guitar tracks, but I’d love to see Dave, Troy, Josh, and Daniel contribute — all the guys on the tour that really stuck it out.”

So, Dave Navarro’s absence put Perry Farrell under pressure as he believes Navarro is a guitarist whose shoes are hard to fill. However, the band managed to complete the tour with the contributions of Troy Van Leeuwen, Josh Klinghoffer, and Daniel Ash, and now Farrell expects to see them contribute to the new songs along with Navarro.